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+++Happy 2004+++(1/9/2004)
A happy 2004 to all those abroad EST fans, and as you can see left, also the EST have passed well into that new one (only EST guitarist Schindi, middle, passed with a little time delay - by the way, the photo has been taken at the EST´s New Year press conference, where a very well mooded and nonchalant Schindi made the attended presmen laugh with humorous jokes and little galantrys even in the earliest morning hours.) Intentions for the new? Making a lot of music, of course, as it will happen in another long session in early spring this year.
+++Goooood news !!!+++(10/15/2002)
Now we know why we pay a big online department: Since this morning, psydeco.de finally has a Guestbook!!! Yeah! Jippie!If that ain`t no reason for party, or better, for a little sign in !!!
+++CHRIS IS BACK !!! and more+++(4/1/2002)
EST-Drummer Chris is back after a 6 month stay in Mexico!!! The EST celebrated this during yesterday´s reunion session at the Blue Note Cafe in Gera. And what should we say: this guy hasn´t played for half a year, but he still got better there! Good times are coming up...
And of course we do not want to miss congratulating our old fellow Randy Newman for his Oscar, and: Goodbye Billy Wilder...
+++Merry Christmas !!!+++
The EST wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


+++Chris in Mexico !+++(9/2/2001)
EST-Drummer Chris, well known as the EST adventure guy, has left the EST to go to Mexico for half a year !!!! This leaving, of course, is just for the span of 6 months, and the other Schmidtckes will have to play with 2nd class drummers that time - until the real thing comes along again !!!
Photo: Chris on a ride with fellow worker Natascha on her horse Henry beside him. [photo:Prüfer]
+++Happy birthday boss+++(5/24/2001)
Hey friends, now it has finally happened, and the boss turns 60: The EST say Happy Birthday Bob Dylan, always best health, good luck in love and profession, and always the pocket full of money (which might not be Dylan´s main problem...) Exclusively for Bob our Bob has recorded a little Birthday Song for download - Bobbe, have a party !!!
+++The ever circle+++(3/13/2001)
Man, who could believe that: after three years of education EST keyboarder Seidi has finally won his driver´s license in February!!! But also that is life: EST guitarist Schindi has been catched by police with 1.0 over alcohol limit on carnival monday ! The ever circle of life...
+++So it won´t come true...+++(2/23/2001)
As the Vatikan mentioned last week, EST keyboarder Seidi´s application for the Pope position has now been definitively refused. A speaker named as reason the imminent splitting of the Catholic church into EST fans and haters. The desicion had been lead by a heavy dicussion in the past. Seidi himself will comment on his refusal on March 6.
+++No business like show business+++(2/17/2001)
Last wednesday was his day, for EST guitarist Robert Schinköthe had the chance to get to know the EST news heading the first time ! After nine months, what a performance !
+++EST strikes back+++(2/8/2001)
The EST will change their name into Bernhardt Schmidtcke Ensemble (B.S.E.).
+++My friend Chris+++(1/29/2001)
EST drummer Chris is the brandnew godfather of a very special godchild: guinea-pig Ticky, youngest animal baby at the Leubingen Children´s Zoo, who had been born on Saturday under dramatic circumstances, has become christened yesterday. Zoo director Robert Seidel found catchy words for the young musician´s commitment.
+++Modifications 2+++(1/19/2001)
Sorry, people, but this week´s joke is nontranslatable.
As specificated at the 22nd EST central committee meeting (we reported), we have modificated a few things at the EST homepage. So you can find here from now on a new heading EST feedback containing exclusive user mails. Call it a guestbook. If you want to join the EST feedback too, please mail some friendly things to EST@psydeco.de.
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